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J. Jhana Design Studio (JJDS) believes Interior Design should be accessible to everyone.
Everyone deserves a home that is functional and stylish. Your space reflects your lifestyle, spirit, and imagination with the benefits of improving your mood, and energy.

J. Jhana Design Studio (JJDS) is a 2D + 3D Visualization Interior Design service that lends its
expertise and assists homeowners and renters with remodeling, renovating, and/or decorating
their space without the full service of an Interior Designer.


"I believe my service can bring change to the black community and remove the idea of
gentrification presenting itself to our neighborhoods. Within my community, I've observed
homeowners who are unaware; they have the POWER to increase the value of their homes and
community with simple budget-friendly upgrades."

While the obvious options are keeping our community clean, in the black community, it is very
common for homeowners and renters not to hire interior designers or architects for their space
planning, renovations, and home development and improvement needs. Any updates to one's homes are taken into the hands of the contractors or the occupant themselves, which could often lead to a poorly planned execution and unnecessary expenses.

"I am aware many homeowners and renters do not have the luxury to afford the full service
of an Interior Designer, which is why I developed this company. Occupants will be able to better communicate with their contractors and/or handymen for a higher quality planning that meets their aesthetics. Resulting in cutting back on unnecessary expenses, when you can foresee where your money will be going."

the owner


Owner of J. Jhana Design Studio

Launched in 2020, during the Global "Coronavirus" Pandemic. JJDS formed based on the idea of helping my community who lacked access to Interior Designers.

"I have always wanted to get back into Interior Design rendering but assumed it would be later on down the line when I was more "established" in fashion design. The idea to begin now, sparked when a friend of mine who recently moved into his new apartment needed advice on furniture selections and layout due to the uncertainty of what will fit within the space. I was able to draft a floor plan and elevation layout, he will use to execute at his most convenient time."

Jhana is passionate about increasing her community value through her most creative strength. She aims to help members of her community visualize the possibilities they can bring to their neighborhood. 

On a more personal note, when Jhana is not designing or rendering, she enjoys fashion, playing the SIMs, moments of solitude, traveling, and creating memories with loved ones.


"Nice to virtually meet you"


Jhana is often known for her fashionable style, problem-solving advice, and creative approach to almost everything. She was born and raised on the Caribbean island of, as they say, "the land of wood and water", Kingston, Jamaica. She immigrated to Brooklyn, New York as a young girl with her parents, where she grew up and currently resides.

Her design process begins with getting to know her clients based on genuine conversation along with their behavior, lifestyle, and everyday routine.


Jhana attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She has a strong understanding of the theoretical and psychological components of the design process. 

"About eleven months after graduating from university, hurricane Sandy occurred, resulting in 7 feet of water in the basement, which held my projects and hard drive; all destroyed. That was my push to recreate a portfolio to present to potential jobs, which was almost impossible to get. It was during that process; I fell in love with digital rendering."

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