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HUMANITY OVER popularity

Humanity and beauty are two things we know to exist in today's generation, there's been an abundance in the usage of social media. Because of this, lowering social standards has become the new norm.


“People will do anything for likes”

Considering the ridiculous amount of videos that has surfaced of individuals suffering in ways unimaginable.


There are folks who cannot fathom how potent it is to appreicate what is't like to apprethe tiny details of a situation nor do they care to explore their surroundings to find more to life.


More to living.


Art as a source of inspiration is the way of life here at J. JHANA.


We appreciate the individual who enjoys even the tiniest part of life. We understand the value of living in the moment.


We believe the key to existence and life is LOVE. Love for your environment, love for your community, love for the people around you.

Because of this, a percentage of our sales profit are donated to people in need.

We believe everyone has a right to live healthy, comfortable lives. There are unfortunate families around the world who are in need of bare essentials as they are not provided for them.


J. JHANA is willing to team up with countries around the globe in order to promote better living for unfortunate families. With a first stop in the birth nation of owner Jhana; Jamaica, where the foundation of our inspiration lies, we aim to bring positivity and hope to the culture and the people. Through local projects focused on rebuilding the homes of families in need and upgrading failing neighborhood schools and hospitals, we aim to assist communities through the art of design.