Allow me to introduce myself

Born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica, West Indies, I migrated to the states at the young age of ten to Brooklyn, New York.

I managed to succeed with a bachelors in Interior Design and associate in Business Management. After graduating from University, I was unemployed for a long period of time and I knew I had to be productive with my new found "free time". I have always considered fashion as a strong suit for me but never acted upon it until age twenty-four.

In 2012 I decided to try my hands at fashion and created an online boutique “JaYoJo” which I launch on December 31, 2012 for the New Year’s (Year 2013) with Big Cartel as my platform, while it was my first business venture, I realized I did not belong in the category of buying and reselling merchandises. After only a short four months I decided to close down my boutique and invest in a sewing machine. My initial intent were to design and construct pieces for myself, based on my ideas and not being able to find my vision of a “BAD” outfit in stores. I had NO prior experience in sewing, pattern making or anything fashion designing for that matter, but I insisted on making it my mission to educate myself via Google, YouTube and my aunt Phyllis back home in Jamaica.

The very first piece I made with my Brothers “Project Runway Edition” sewing machine were two oversized pouch clutches in black and white vinyl polyester fabric which were popular in American Apparel at the time and I decided I was not paying $80 EACH for it. I then made my first high waist shorts out of black upholstery vinyl polyester fabric and it is still my favorite piece with multiple errors and mistakes of course.

A close friend of mine then became aware that I now owned a sewing machine and asked me to design a dress for an upcoming occasion. This was the first and most challenging opportunity I ever encountered thus far, therefore I was indeed intimidated. While I am confident as a designer, I DID NOT know the first rule to sewing, and I still don’t know, but I must say I have mastered the term “WING IT”.

It took me three days to complete that dress, I spent two of those days staring at it wondering what to do next, at the end result, there were of course numerous mistakes and errors maybe even a few holes, but she wore it well. As well as represented me well. It was then I realize that maybe I should act on my ideas and thoughts as a fashion designer as well an interior designer.

"Who says I can’t do both?

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