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Unconsciously, STYLISH.



      without realizing or being aware of one's actions.

J. Jhana was developed by a day-dreamer, a person who imagined herself clothed in well-structured garments that couldn't be found on any rack, walking to her own beat and theme song, if you will.  What was originally meant to be a selfish hobby; creating innovative designs, transitioned into designs shared and enjoyed by others.

J. Jhana is a contemporary designer line that features contemporary and eclectic apparel inspired by environmental design which includes architecture, interior, and engineering just to name a few. Incorporating a variety of colors, textures, and most importantly, structure.

An unconsciously stylish woman in J. Jhana, is one who adores her silhouette, sitting comfortably in her skin. Always seen but never heard and still manages to tell captivating stories, effortlessly by her potent selections.